Car Parks / Tennis Courts

Creggs Asphalt are highly experienced with business, clubs & societies and corporation works such as carparks, pedestrian walkways, tennis courts, basketball courts, courtyards, bikeways and many more as we understand the client’s needs. We work closely with our clients to establish a design option that meets their budget, timeframe and quality needs.

Asphalt is the pavement of choice for car parks for many reasons. The construction time and life cycle costs are all lower than concrete. There is visual appeal (particularly when incorporating imprint options), enhancing the attraction of your business to customers. Whether for new construction or for an existing building, asphalt paving is quick, and your paved car park will be ready for your employees and customers to park and do business immediately after construction. Asphalt is very versatile, durable and flexible. Your asphalt pavement is engineered to withstand fluctuating loads and temperatures. Maintenance is low cost, easy and quick. Asphalt paving also makes it easy to build your parking lot in stages as your business needs develop. Your car park is often the first and last impression you share with your customers, visitors and employees leaving the positive impression desired.

Our highly skilled team can look after your Tennis / Basketball court project from start to finish ensuring the set out meets the court regulation dimensions and finish the court entirely with line-marking & installation of poles and nets ready for play.


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