Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt is our unique flexible ,durable polymer modified bitumen specifically designed and manufactured for use around steelwork such as manhole covers, gullies, sluice valves, fire hydrants, gas valves, water valves, electrical pits, and broadband boxes. Etc. all set in and/or raised in Mastic Asphalt.

The specially designed mix develops a three-dimensional structure in the bitumen resulting in excellent elasticity and high cohesive strength which offers resistance of the Mastic Asphalt to permanent deformation at high road temperatures without affecting the role of the bitumen at other temperatures. Mastic Asphalt is a high bitumen dense asphalt with no voids. It cannot be compacted, which means it is spread by hand rather than rolled.

A major problem facing local authorities and asset owners is the continuous deterioration of asphalt around exiting steelworks. Road surfaces are essentially flexible in performance opposed to steelwork which is rigid, over time the transition from steelwork to asphalt from dynamic traffic loading leads to settlement and progressive deterioration often resulting in safety hazards. Asphalt and concrete repairs although effective initially suffer from the same consequences over a short period of time and the process repeated. Our unique Mastic Asphalt product offers a long term solution with enhanced whole life cycle costing with a far superior maintenance free life expectancy.

The Mastic Asphalt product was first introduced into the United Kingdom 15 years ago with over 100,000 steelwork reinstatements complete. Those reinstatements first conducted some 15 years ago are in equally as good a condition as those reinstated in the last week. The Mastic Asphalt has been found to distribute the displacement over a larger area both horizontally and vertically along with significantly decreasing the tensile strain on the top surface of pavement near the manhole cover eliminating potential cracks and eventual deterioration.

This product is unique to Creggs Asphalt Pty Ltd. Our crews are highly experienced in the application procedure ensuring the job is always carried out right. The benefits include;

  • Cost – far superior whole life cycle costing as a result of greater maintenance free life expectancy to that of traditional methods.
  • Time – less time spent with resources making repairs over time.
  • Quality – Improved durability, superior surface evenness and overall enhanced user satisfaction.
  • Environment – Sustainability impact equals little or no wastage with less resources required through maintenance.
  • HSE – reducing risk of safety / trip hazards associated with such deterioration.

Roadmastic Ironworks Installation System

Our trained crews have carried out installations on manhole covers, gullies, fire hydrants, water valves, broadband boxes, sluice valves, telecom boxes etc. The most important component in Mastic Asphalt is the Bitumen.

The bitumen we use is a Polymer Modified Bitumen. Mastic Asphalt is high bitumen dense asphalt with no voids. It cannot be compacted, which means it is spread by hand rather than rolled. Use of our system provides the framework for a long lasting product with practical and economical benefits.