Why You Should Choose Asphalt for your Driveway (And Who to Call for Asphalt Driveway Paving, Resurfacing and Sealing in Sydney or Penrith)

Perhaps you are building a new home and need to choose which materials you prefer for your driveway. Maybe you’ve had a dirt or gravel drive for years and have finally made the decision to pave it. Or maybe your old driveway is falling apart, and you’ve decided to tear it up and start over.

Regardless of why you need a new drive, Creggs Asphalt can help. We specialise in asphalt driveways in Sydney. No matter the size, length or layout of your driveway, we can help you get your money’s worth with high quality asphalt paving. We also do asphalt driveway resurfacing and asphalt driveway sealing in Sydney, if you simply need to repair an existing asphalt driveway.

The Benefits of Choosing Asphalt for Your Driveway

If you are thinking about installing an asphalt driveway in Penrith or Sydney, then you have probably already started weighing the pros and cons of asphalt and other types of driveways. If not, though, here are some of the main advantages of asphalt as a driveway material:

  • Asphalt is economical: As far as driveway materials are concerned, asphalt is one of the more economical options available on the market. In most cases, asphalt is markedly less expensive than concrete but delivers comparable results.
  • Asphalt looks great: A well-paved asphalt driveway—with its clean black aesthetic—looks fantastic and serves as a strong complement to most homes and landscaping styles. Compared to the more industrial feel of concrete, something about an asphalt driveway is just welcoming—perfect for residential applications.
  • Asphalt is strong: Asphalt is durable, able to withstand both heavy use and repeated fluctuations in temperature and weather. In Australia's harsh conditions, this kind of durability and adaptability is essential in a driveway. Concrete is more affected by temperature shifts, making asphalt driveways ideal for most Penrith and Sydney homeowners.
  • Asphalt offers longevity: As with anything, asphalt driveways will hold up better the more you stay on top of maintenance. Typically, asphalt drives require more maintenance than concrete drives, but the maintenance is easier to do. Cracks, holes and other wear and tear are easier to fix because you can simply seal or resurface your drive with a new layer. Cracks in concrete driveways are a hassle because you have to remove the entire section of concrete and re-pour to make sure that the new concrete adheres. Creggs Asphalt can help you maintain your home with asphalt driveway resurfacing services in Sydney.
  • Asphalt is convenient: When you pour concrete, you might have to wait as long as a week before you can drive on it. Asphalt cures almost immediately so that you can drive on it within a day of installation.

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