How to find experienced asphalt contractors in Sydney

When searching for an asphalt contractor to take on your commercial, industrial or residential project, it can sometimes pay to look far and wide. Initially based in Queensland, Creggs Asphalt is now bringing over twenty years of industry experience to the Sydney area. Our dedicated team has the right know-how and equipment to manage every aspect of your project in-house, from the initial design to the final line marking. We work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that meet their needs and assign a dedicated project engineer to each of our projects.

If you are researching asphalt contractors in Sydney, consider the reputation and experience of Creggs Asphalt. We have the right equipment and knowledge to tackle paving, milling, and asphalt profiling in Sydney and beyond.

Asphalt Companies in Sydney need the right tools for the job

When undertaking any construction project, it is important to have a contractor that stays within budget and can get the project done on time. Twenty years of industry experience has taught our company a thing or two about asphalt profiling and resurfacing. One of the most important aspects of getting a job done right is having the right tools for the job. Creggs Asphalt maintains a full fleet of plant equipment suitable for profiling, milling, and surfacing. We have pavers of various sizes optimised for everything from trench work to full lane reinstatement as well as a range of other specialised equipment. Much of our plant equipment is available to rent and used by other industry contractors.

In addition to the right plant equipment, we have a knowledgeable team that includes in-house design capabilities, as well as all the staff needed to manage your project from start to finish entirely.

We are experienced with newer techniques such as working with coloured and imprinted, or ‘street-print’ asphalt and can even cooperate with you to create custom designs. We also offer a mastic asphalt application when a durable, flexible seal is needed around steelworks such as manhole covers and cable boxes. Mastic asphalt requires less maintenance over time than traditional materials and is a relatively cost-effective and waste-free solution for sealing around steelworks.

Custom service for unique projects

The next time you're considering asphalt companies in Sydney, look no further than Creggs asphalt. Our staff can handle all aspects of your asphalt project in-house. Be it big or small, if you are looking for someone to manage your project from start to finish, or just need help on a particular aspect of your project, we are here to help and encourage you to call or fill out our web form to get a custom quote for your project today. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to develop creative solutions to even the most complex projects. We bring a professional attitude and results to all our customers: from local governments and commercial entities to private residences. With an in-house team ready to handle everything from the simplest to most complex problems, there’s no reason not to choose Creggs Asphalt.